The Farm

horsesponsorship1Since 1999 the farm has been home to animals and people with special needs. We have filled it gardens, flowers, animals and opportunities. And it has been tended with much love and joy.

The farm features a professionally installed and maintained fully fenced 80 x 100 outdoor sand arena with a full tack room, 16 x 16 matted treatment stall, changing room, parking, and easy trailer access for clients. The paddocks feature Red Brand no-climb and Electro-Braid fencing. There is a full office with AC and heat, wi-fi and an Equicizer. The farm has a gentle grade perfect for conditioning horses, and acres of beautiful trails available.

The farm is not a public or commercial stable which ensures privacy and enjoyment for our clients, and relaxation for our horses.

About Our Name

Where does the name “Epona Farm” come from? Epona is a Celtic deity and the protector of horses, donkeys, and mules. She is also known as a goddess of fertility, as she is often portrayed with cornucopia’s and in the presence of foals. With our commitment to the care of equine, and the earth, we felt drawn to Epona, and feel her nurturing, protective guidance throughout our farm, and our every day existence with the horses and people who call our farm their place of sanctuary.

Epona Farm Sanctuary Foundation, Inc.

During November 2014, we created Epona Farm Sanctuary Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit foundation to help us expand our advocacy and educational efforts for the humane and ethical treatment of horses, and to further research and community outreach for equine assisted therapies and equine assisted activities.

paco2This is a photo of Paco after his arrival to our farm on June 8th, 2009. He was close to 300 pounds underweight, dangerously dehydrated and suffering from Azoturia, a life threatening metabolic illness that is caused by factors such as excessive grain, electrolyte imbalances due to dehydration, excessive workloads and more.  He was on lease to a Hippotherapy facility in Binghamton and was ridden in a Special Olympics competition in this condition just 2 days before, which is when we discovered his shocking condition.

We brought him back home to recover and rehabilitate with Katie and Dumplin’. While he did recover, he never regained 100% soundness. Paco was a horse of a lifetime, kind, gentle, and a dream come true for those of us who work to bring the soul of horse to the humans in need. It is a cruel betrayal of any horse to be subject to harm, over work, starvation and dehydration. But to us, it is the ultimate cruelty to allow it to happen under the guise of therapy, of happiness, of human-equine partnerships. This is the experience that shaped my destiny, and I continue to work to prevent this from ever happening again. Sadly, to this day, the abuse of horses and humans is still occurring at the facility he was taken from.

Paco was humanely euthanized on Father’s Day 2012. His loss is still felt to this day. Paco was a cherished and beloved part of our family, and this program and he will never be forgotten. And each day, with each horse, we carry out our promise to him. No horse will be abandoned at the end of their service, no horse will be treated like they are second to the client, and no horse will experience anything less than kindness, compassion, and respect. With an incredible team of Veterinarians, Hoof Rehabilitation Specialists, and Alternative Veterinary Medical Professionals, we do our best to offer horses with special needs the care they need, and whenever possible, a home for life, a new beginning…sanctuary.

The foundation is a 100% volunteer project, supported through programs and educational services offered to the community. If you are interested in volunteering your time here, please visit the links above for our opportunities. We welcome summer interns, lesson, farm, and garden volunteers, community outreach volunteers and any other number of way you feel you would like to become involved.

Current Foundation Projects:

The Growing Wellness Project – A therapeutic horticulture program that includes tending to our large scale garden project. An equine garden with beneficial herbs and vegetables, bird, bee and butterfly garden, as well as a farm stand and farmer’s market outreach are planned.

Therapeutic Equine Massage Project – We will be documenting a 6 month progression of 15 horses with various special needs who will receive therapeutic massage and bodywork.

Epona Farm is located just outside the town of Maine, NY and is within minutes of Johnson City, Endicott, Endwell, Vestal and Binghamton, and within a 30 minute drive of Ithaca.
We specialize in helping equestrians return to riding after injury or illness, and offer Therapeutic Riding, Equine Assisted Learning and Horsemanship for all abilities.
We also offer professional services for the equine athlete, including massage therapy, rehabilitation and fitness