The horse. Beautiful, powerful, and capable of incredible healing potential.He helps children walk and speak, he helps bring our inner light to the surface. He heals wounded spirits, and wounded bodies. He is a living, breathing, sentient being. And sometimes, he is the one who needs healing.

Since 2008 I have delivered thousands of hours of equine assisted activities and therapies. Sadly, I began growing disillusioned with the treatment and lack of concern and oversight for the horse in the industry I worked so hard for. I wanted to make life better for the horses who help make miracles happen, after all, they deserve the very best of care, the very best of us, for all they do. The bond between horse and human can be life changing, but the benefits to humans should never come at a cost to the horse.  And that is how Epona Equine Therapies™ came about.

My services include riding instruction with an emphasis on humane, intelligent horsemanship, private therapeutic riding instruction, equestrian rehabilitation and fitness, equine massage and body work, and fitness and wellness of the equine athlete. Hippotherapy, and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy are also available with a licensed therapist. We have a simple mission, to help horses and humans live healthy, and happily. We want to connect people of all abilities through horsemanship, and help them learn from one another, while bringing trust, kindness, compassion, and joy into their lives. I offer all of my services at my farm near Maine, NY which has been specifically designed for equine/human interactions and rehabilitation, and I am proud to be one of our areas most experienced and credentialed EAA/EAT professionals with hundreds of clients served.

I am happy to welcome new clients, and look forward to serving you, and your horses soon!

Colleen Cheechalk